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Dine & Drink

at Costa Smeralda

Enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean, including the freshest fish and seafood, homemade pasta and local wine as you look out across a glistening ocean for as far as the eye can see

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda is a stunning beachfront property set on an exclusive, one-of-a-kind venue accessible only by sea. Enjoy panoramic sea views, shareable plates, and an evening club style atmosphere

The restaurant and beach club is open daily from 11am until late, featuring local and traditional Italian delicacies, Mediterranean flavors, fresh seafood specials and Nikki Beach’s signature global dishes.

The extensive beverage menu offers a mix of both local and international wine and Champagne, as well as handcrafted cocktails. As the day ends, experience breathtaking panoramic sunset sea views while sitting on plush sunbeds and sipping refreshing cocktails.

With carefully curated sharing platters, specialist mixologists and expert sommeliers the Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda lets the DJ take our guests on a journey that generates a truly special atmosphere that transcends everyone who comes here to truly enjoy the moment.

Note: Your table is booked for a 2-hour experience and will be held for 20 minutes from the reservation time before being released. We have a 15 minute grace period. Please call us if you are running later than 15 minutes after your reservation time.

Menu Highlights VIEW FOOD MENU

Tonnarello Allo Scoglio (S) (D) (G)

Fresh Tonnarelli pasta, clams, mussels, tiger prawns, confit cherry tomato, garlic, chili, parsley, bottarga

Cacio E Pepe & Red Prawn Tartare Risotto (S) (D) (G)

Riso Pozzi Carnaroli Classico, red prawns tartare, Parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, fresh ground
pepper, red prawn reduction, lime

Burrata Ravioli (D) (G)

Burrata ravioli, fresh ligurian basil, stracciatella cheese, yellow cherry tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes,
extra virgin olive oil

Nikki Beach’s Famous Chicken Satay (S) (D) (G) (N)

Sesame marinated chicken strips, Asian vegetables, spicy peanut sauce, steamed jasmine rice

Lobster With Spicy Citrus Butter (S) (D)

Grilled whole lobster, aromatic citrus fruit butter

To Share
Gone Fishing (S) (D) (G) (N)

600g King crab legs, 2 chargrilled lobsters, 10 tiger prawns, 50gr caviar Beluga Volzhenka with traditional
garnishes, blinis, Belgian fries, spicy mayonnaise, toasted focaccia, olive tapenade

Culinary Cravings (S) (D) (G)

Burrata Caprese, Marbella Shrimp Pil Pil, Sexy Salad, Steamed Mussels, focaccia, steamed edamame

Nikki Beach's Famous Sushi Boat (S) (D) (G) (N)

Saint Tropez Fantasy Roll, Ibiza Rainbow Roll, Marbella Spicy Tuna Roll, Saint Barth Salmon Roll, Koh Samui Vegetarian Roll, 12 nigiri, 12 sashimi, salmon tartare, Asian wakame salad, pickled ginger, wasabi, ponzu

Burrata Ravioli

Pasta Capressa


A beautiful and fresh pasta dish with Burrata, fresh Ligurian basil, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese


Pasta Capressa
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Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda perfectly encompasses relaxation with a sunset party atmosphere. The Mediterranean-inspired cuisine highlights local and traditional Italian delicacies, fresh seafood specials and Nikki Beach’s signature global dishes. The Paccheri Maddalena pasta is a must-try dish!

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